Oct 12 2008

Our Background

The background of what triggered February 2008′s major up-scaling in world-wide peaceful and lawful protest against Scientology is a complicated story.

The short version is:

Scientology’s lawyers tried and failed to suppress this internal video of Tom Cruise, and the news of this attempted censorship seemed to annoy the right people at the right time. Someone suggested mass world-wide protests on February 10th – maybe they were joking at the time, but the idea seemed to catch fire and took on a life of its own. (There was also a video message to Scientology at some point along the line, too.)

This site is not about “who the protesters are” or “where they come from”, so we’re not going to expand on that timeline any further. The full version of the site might have a couple of links to other sites which flesh out the details, if I can find some.

We are not ashamed or afraid of who we are – we hide our identities because Scientology has a well-established reputation of abusive and criminal behaviour towards its critics.